Run #374: 19-Oct-19

Hares: Onefer and Cock in a Frock

Location: Springfield Road major right turn 8km from bypass, then 1km on right

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo trail set by Onefer and Cock in a Frock for me was 6.3 km in 69:21 min.

Elevation:  Min 96 m, Max 154 m, Gain/Loss 82.9 m.

Slope:  Ascent 8.4%, Descent 9.1%

Start to RW Split: 1.6km in 20:22 min.

RW Split to RW Merge: 3.1 km in 33:43 min.

RW Merge to Finish: 1.6 km in 15:16 min

Walkers Trail: approximately 4.3 km.

Trails went anti-clockwise


Run #373: 05-Oct-19

Hares: Ahmedashed and Onefer

Location: Left turn off Springfield Road about 1km after Billabong junction

Photos by Puss in Boots

Ballbanger back after a long recovery from his motorbike accident (photo by Cathusalem)

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo trail set by Ahmedashed and Onefer for me was 6.4 km in 92:05 min.

Elevation:  Min 73 m, Max 197 m, Gain/Loss 236 m.

Slope:  Ascent 36.6%, Descent 32.3%

Start to RW Split: 0.1km in 0:53 min.

RW Split to RW Merge: 1.4 km in 31:46 min. (The Hill)

RW Merge to Finish: 4.8 km in 59:26 min

Walkers Trail: approximately 5.2 km. 

Trails went clockwise


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