Run #347: 20-Oct-18

Hares: Onefer & Ballbanger

Location: 200m West of Hup Kapong Road 3km from Springfield Road

Hash Notes by Cathusalem:

It turned into a survival course when a thunderstorm started about halfway and it was very muddy underfoot. Fortunately,

all 19 or so survived unscathed including 8 females. There were 2 or 3 false trails and some nice mountain views before

the very heavy rain. The last section back to the car par park was a quagmire, that claimed a few victims including your scribe. 

Mudman was the only one to attempt the runners trail but he said he spent 20 minutes trying to solve a check before giving

up and going back to the split. Tinks was not there so there is no GPS. 














Run #346: 06-Oct-18 with 40 visiting hashers from Malaysia

Hares: Cathusalem & Rubber Duck 

Location: Old quarry off Pala-U Road behind the old golf driving range

Photos by Puss in Boots

Hash Notes by Cathusalem:

The 40 visiting hashers were from the Royal Klang Club and other Malaysian hashes. Their GM wrote 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for your hospitality. We had great fun and the runs were well-set.

The weather for several days had been rainy but the terrain chosen was hardly affected and, fortunately,

there was no rain during the Hash. The visitors were a lively crowd, contributing fully to the circle


CAH3 Run #346 - 181006 (2).jpg

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo trail set by Cathusalem and Rubber Duck for me was 7.4 km and took 94:16 min.

Elevation: Min 68 m, Max 169 m, Gain/Loss 267 m.

Slope: Assent 32.9%, Decent 29.7%

Start to SW Split: 0.7 km in 7:26 min.

SW Split to R/W Split 1:  1.5 km in 19:15 min.

R/W Split 1 to R/W Merge:  0.7 km in 17:28 min.

RW Merge to SW Merge:  0.4 km in 4:33 min.

SW Merge to SW Split 2:  0.6 km in 6:26 min.

SW Split 2 to R/W Split 2:  0.6 km in 6:10 min.

R/W Split 2 to R/W Merge 2:  1.1 km in 12:11 min.

R/W Merge 2 to SW Merge 2:  0.5 km in 5:51 min.

SW Merge 2 to Finish:  1.3 km in 14:56 min. 

Short Walk Trail 3.8 km approximately.

Long Walk Trail 5.6 km approximately. 

All Trails went clockwise.