Run #377: 30-Nov-19 St Andrews Run

Hares: Brambles Bill & Hong Kong Dong, Snacks by Miss Snickers

Location: West of bypass, behind Wat Huay Mongkol, N 12.564841, E 99.797769​  

Photos by Donga through Mudman



Run #376: 16-Nov-19

Hares: Mudman & Muddy Joe

Location: West of bypass behind Wat Huay Mongkol

Photos by Puss in Boots, Muddy Joe and Mudman

Video by Muddy Joe

GPS scans by Muddy Joe showing Walkers Trail (on top) with Rambo Loop separately below



Run #375: 02-Nov-19  BBQ and fireworks

Hares: Long Ron and Melon Masher

Location: Hup Kapong Dam

Photos by Puss in Boots

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterday’s CAH3 trails set by Long Ron & Melon Masher:

Start to RW Split: 2.9km in 31:45 min.

RW Split to RW Merge: 0.8 km in 8:46 min.

RW Merge to Finish: 1.3 km (Sorry no time)

Tinks Extension Trail:  2.9 km in 40:11 min

Rambo Trail: 5 km

Walkers Trail: 4.3 km.

CAH3 Rambo trail (Cyan) and Tinks Extension trail (Yellow), completed by Slime, Lucky Me, and Head Ball Cock, was 6.6 km

in a moving time of 77:50 min.

Trails went clockwise


CAH3 Run #375 - 191102.jpg