Run #349: 17-Nov-18

Hares: Mudman and Muddy Joe

Location: Lakeside about 1km South of Pala-U Road 8km West of bypass

Photos by Puss in Boots

Video by Muddy Joe

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Today’s CAH3 Rambo(Run) trail set by Mudman & Muddy Joe for me was 7.4 km and took me 81:31 min.

Elevation: Min 70 m, Max 83 m, Gain/Loss 47.8 m.

Slope: Assent 4.5%, Decent 6.2%

Start to Split:  2.6 km in 30:15 min.

Run Loop:  1.9 km in 19:27 min.

Merge to Finish:  2.9 km in 31:31 min. I did miss the left turn in the pineapple fields at the end and therefore completed

a shorter sector. 

Walkers Trail 5.4 km.

Trails went clockwise.


CAH3 Run #349 - 181117.jpg

Run #348: 03-Nov-18 - A to B trail with onsite barbecue and fireworks later

Hares: Ballbanger & Ahmedashed 

Location: Hup Kapong Dam

Hash Notes by Cathusalem:

A memorable A to B with transport from the car park to Point A (see Tinks's GPS scan), then a run/walk back to the car park

Point B, an amazing trail as can be seen from the photos and video. Here are some comments from participants:

Spook: Just like to thank you folk for the excellent Hash and lovely evening by the dam.

Thanks especially to Kob for her excellent culinary skills at the BBQ

Cathusalem: I'd just like to add a thank you to Kob's hard working assistants at the BBQ and to Ahmedashed for the

very tasty home made sausages and a spectacular fireworks display.

Hawaii Five O-Ring: Well done and kind thanks to everyone. Great logistics, great trail, great food, great bonfire,

great fireworks, great event


Video by Muddy Joe

Photos by Puss in Boots

GPS scan by Tinks


CAH3 Run #348 - 181103.jpg