Run #323: 18-Nov-17

Hares: Donkey Cock & Quick Mickey 

Location: 150m East of Bypass about 3km South of Springfield intersection

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterdays CAH3 Hash Run (Rambo's) trail set by Donkey Cock & Quick Micky for me was 4.6 km and took 47:31 min.

Elevation: Min 36 m, Max 100 m, Gain 116 m, Loss 116 m.

Slope: Assent 21.7%, Decent 34.2%

Start to R/W Split: 0.822 km in 7:23 min.

Rambo/Run Loop: 1.2 km in 18:27 min.

R/W Merge to SW Split to Finish: 0.309 km in 2:23 min.

SW Split to Finish: 2.2 km in 19:08 min.

Run #322: 04-Nov-17

Hares: Melon Masher & Long Ron 

Location: Cha-Am Forest Park

Notes by Tinks

Yesterdays CAH3 Rambo trail set by Melon Masher & Long Ron for me was

5.2km and took 60.59 min

Elevation: min 3m max 11m, gain 29.5m loss29.5m

Slope: ascent 4.7%, descent 4.1%

Start to R/W split 0.7km in 12.38 min

R/W split back to R/LW split 2.8km in 32.07 min

R/LW split to finish 1.7km in 16.14 min











































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