Run #399: 28-Nov-20

Hares: Ding a Ling & Tinks

Location: On Route 1010 (Chum Phol Road) Close to the Billabong

Hash Flash by Scrubber's Bugger:

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s Trails set by Ding-a-Ling and Tinks were:

Rambo Trail (Yellow/Cyan/Yellow/Cyan) – 7.6 km

Walkers Trail (Yellow) – 4.9 km

Dutchy Trail (Yellow/White/Yellow) – 3.4 km 

Trails went clockwise.




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CAH3 Run #398 - 201114 (002).jpg

Run #398: 14-Nov-20

Hares: Brambles Bill & Butt Out

Location: Left of the Pala-U Road 9.7 km from the bypass, GPS: N 12.583133, E 99.770554

Hash Flash by Puss in Boots:

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Rambo Trail set by Brambles Bill and Butt Out for me was 6.3 km in 74:27 min (moving time 71:41).

Elevation:  Min 72  m, Max 124 m, Gain/Loss 126 m.

Maximum Slope:  Ascent 22.0%, Descent 17.6%

Start to RW Split:  3.0 km in 34.46 min.

RW Split to RW Merge:  2.4 km in 29:46 min.

RW Merge to Finish:  0.9 km in 9:55 min.

​Walkers Trail: 4.1 km.

​Trails went anti-clockwise.