Run #427: 05-Mar-22

Hares: African Queen & Flying Frog

Location: Close to Steak Lung Khao Restaurant on Soi 88 (Route 2043)


Photos by Flash in a Pan

Photos by Blue Flasher

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Runners Trail set by African Queen and Flying Frog

for Brambles Bill carrying my GPS tracker was 4.1 km in a moving time of 56:32 min. 

Elevation:  Min 78 m, Max 214 m, Gain/Loss 162 m.

Maximum Slope:  Ascent 22.8%, Descent 27.1%.

Walkers Trail for me was 5.23 km in 60:06 min

The Full Rambo Trail for Cock in a Frock was 8.67 km in 71:41

Trails went anti-clockwise.

Link to GPS trail scans

Run #428: 19-Mar-22 - Paddywhacker Memorial Run

Hares: Scrotum Head & Black Buttocks

Location: Cha-Am Soi 53 at beach next to Rama VI Camp

Hash Flash by Blue Flasher 

Hash Notes by Tinks:

CAH3 Runners Trail set by Scrotum Head and Black Buttocks for Dimwit carrying my GPS tracker

was 8.1 km in a moving time of 84:12 min.

Walkers Trail:  5.6 km

Trails went clockwise.

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CAH3 Run #428 - 220319.jpg