CAH3 Run #358 - 190323.jpg

Run #358: 23-Mar-19

Hares: Paddy Whacker, Dimwit and Donkey Cock

Location: 300m South of Chom Phol Road almost opposite road to dam

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo trail set by Paddy Whacker, Dim Wit and Donkey Cock for me was 4.5 km and took me 59:49 min.

Elevation:  Min 56 m, Max 136 m, Gain 127 m. Loss 127 m.

Slope:  Assent 39.0%, Decent 32.8%

Start to RW Split:  1.7 km in 19:02 min.

RW Split to RW Merge:  0.5 km in 14:44 min. (included 49 m climb and 58 m descent)

Rambo Merge to Finish:  2.3m in 26:03 min.


Run #357: 09-Mar-19 - A to B trail

Hares: Cathusalem, Rubber Duck and Ding a Ling 

Location: 500m North of Route 1001 at Springfield Dam

Photos by Puss in Boots


Hash Notes by Tinks:

Today’s CAH3 Rambo trail set by Cathusalem, Rubber Duck and Ding a Ling for me was 5.3 km and took me 82:01 min.

Elevation:  Min 59 m, Max 172 m, Gain 160 m. Loss 134 m.

Slope:  Assent 32.8%, Decent 31.9%

Start to SW Split:  1.4 km in 17:08 min.

SW Split to Rambo Split:  1.5 km in 18:42 min.

Rambo Split to Rambo Merge:  1.1 km in 31:46 min. (included 89 m climb and 64 m decent)

Rambo Merge to Finish:  1.3m in 14:25 min.


CAH3 Run #357 - 190309.jpg