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Run #363: 18-May-19

Hares: Onefer and Ballbanger

Location: Soi 6, Bo Fai near the Golden Buddha


 Scan of walkers trail by Hugmanannygoat

Run #362: 08-May-19

Hares: Ballbanger

Location: Outstation Run at Prachuab Khiri Khan, Stone Park

Photos by Puss in Boots


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Run #361: 04-May-19

Hares: Ahmedashed and Hollow Legs

Location: Hup Kapong Watershed Reservoir

Photos by Puss in Boots

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Walkers trail set by Ahmedashed and Hollow Legs for me was 5.6 km and took me 76:39 min.

Elevation:  Min 65 m, Max 138 m, Gain 172 m. Loss 172 m.

Slope:  Assent 27.0%, Decent 25.6%

I did not complete the Rambo Loop which started close to the car park,

but I did spend 12:50 mins on the False Trail over a distance of 453 metres


CAH3 Run #361 - 190504.jpg