Run #381: 25-Jan-20

Hares: Dragon Tail and Ballbanger

Location: About 4km West of Petchkasem Road, from just North of Santorini Park 

Photos by Puss in Boots

Run #380: 11-Jan-20

Hares: Spook and Rubber Duck

Location: East side of bypass 500m South of Springfield Road traffic lights 

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo Trail set by Spook and Rubber Duck for me was 5.9 km in 63:44 min (moving time 61:00)

Start to SW Split: 2.1 km in 21:07 min.

SW Split to LWR Split: 1.1 km in 11:31 min.

LWR Split to Finish: 2.7 km in 31:06 min.

Trails went anti-clockwise

CAH3 Run #380 - 200111.jpg