Run #354: 26-Jan-19 - Australia Day

Hares: Donkey Cock, Old Macdonald and Ricky

Location: 100m from bypass West side 2km North of Springfield Road intersection

Photos by Puss in Boots

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo (Run) trail set by Donkey Cock, Old Macdonald and Ricky for me was 7.2 km and took me 79:04 min.

This included 1.0k taking the short walk trail in reverse as there was no visible merge sign and then back again.

Elevation: Min 22 m, Max 36 m, Gain/Loss 39.3 m.

Slope: Assent 1.0%, Decent 1.1%

Start to SW Split:  2.3 km in 25:05 min.

SW Split to Run/Walk Split:  1.4 km in 14:57 min.

R/W Split to R/W Merge:  0.6 km in 5:45 min.

R/W Merge to S/W Merge:  0.9 km in 9:04min.

SW Merge to Finish:  1.0 km in 11:.28 min. 

Short Walk Trail 3.8 km.

Walkers Trail:  5.8 km

Rambo Trail:  6.2 km

Trails went clockwise.


CAH3 Run #354 - 190126.jpg

Run #353: 12-Jan-19

Hares: Onefer & Ballbanger

Location: Springfield Road 6.6km West of bypass, at sala on North side of road

Photos by Puss in Boots

Hash Notes by Cathusalem:

An anti-clockwise trail, a bit tricky at the start/finish over rough ground with long grass near the sala. Both trails went around

the lake and the runners trail had a speed bump about 600m out, up and over the wooded hill, which I remember enjoying

about 6 years ago but didn't take that option this time.