Run #328: 27-Jan-18

Hares: Yanky Crank and Rubber Duck 

Location: Khao Takiap ferry terminal car park

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterdays CAH3 Hash set by Yanky Crank and Rubber Duck the Rambo/Runners trail for me was 3.8 km and took 42:42 min.

However I did not complete the first R/W split return leg which was probably around 700-800 metres similar to the second split

Elevation: Min 0 m, Max 14 m, Gain/Loss 42 m.

Slope: Assent 14.5%, Decent 15.6%

Start to R/W Split 1: 0.6 km in 6:18 min.

R/W Split 1 to Split 2: 1.0 km in 10:54 min.

R/W Split 2 Leg: 0.7 km in 7:36 min.

R/W Split 2 to Finish: 1.5 km in 17:54 min. 

Walkers Trail:  3.1 km approximately.


CAH3 Run #328 - 180127.jpg

Run #327: 13-Jan-18

Hares: Quick Mickey and Donkey Cock 

Location: Springfield Road 5km West of bypass, turn right and go 200m

Hash Notes by Tinks:

On yesterdays CAH3 Hash set by Quick Mickey and Donkey Cock the Rambo/Runners trail for me was 4.5 km and took 56:33 min.

Elevation: Min 56 m, Max 82 m, Gain/Loss 58 m.

Slope: Assent 34%, Decent 10.9%

Start to R/W Split: 2.1 km in 25:04 min.

R/W Split to R/W Merge: 1.6 km in 22:37 min.

R/W Merge to Finish: 0.8 km in 8:52 min. 

Walkers Trail:  3.4 km approximately.


CAH3 Run #327 - 180113.jpg