Run #425: 05-Feb-22

Hares: Dimwit & Onefer

Location: Kings Project off Bypass near Springfield traffic lights


Knockout Neptune birthday cake video

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo Trail set by Penny Lame and Last Orders for Dimwit carrying my GPS tracker

was 8.1 km in 81.08 min.  This included 645 m off trail making the true trail around 7.5 km.

Elevation:  Min 26 m, Max 63 m, Gain/Loss 81 m.

Maximum Slope:  Ascent 14.4%, Descent 10.0%. 

Walkers Trail:  Said to be around 4.8 km 

Trails went clockwise

Photos by Penny Lame

Run #426: 19-Feb-22

Hares: Penny Lame & Last Orders

Location: Same Dam Place 

CAH3 Run #426 - 220219.jpg