Run #356: 23-Feb-19

Hares: Spook and Swindlers Pissed

Location: 300m North of Big Boom Farm, Black Mountain area

Photos by Puss in Boots

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo (Run) trail set by Spook & Swindlers Pissed for me was 6.4 km and took me 77:20 min.

Elevation: Min 66 m, Max 130 m, Gain/Loss 123 m.

Slope: Assent 15.5%, Decent 23.6%

Start to Split:  2.2 km in 24:22 min.

Split to Opt Out (avoid the Hill):  0.5 km in 5:30 min.

Opt Out to Merge:  0.3 km in 7:51min.

Merge to Short Cut:  0.6 km in 8:31 min.

Short Cut to Short Cut:  1.1 km in 11:25 min.

Short Cut to Finish:  1.7 km in 19:41 min. 

Short Walk Trail 6.0 km.

Opt Out Trail:  6.8 km

Rambo Trail:  6.4 km

If you took the short cut home then all trails are 1.1 km shorter 

Trails went clockwise.


CAH3 Run #356 - 190223 (1).jpg

Run #355: 09-Feb-19

Hares: Ding a Ling and Blowjob

Location: Entrance to Petchburi College of Agriculture from Chom Phol Road direction

Photos by Puss in Boots

Notes by Tinks for the subsequent Wednesday's Fun Run

The original CAH3 trail #355 laid by Ding a Ling and Blowjob I understand was confusing to some with the Rambo’s heading

away down the road to the right and the walkers heading off behind the hill.  The Rambo trail went in an anti-clockwise

direction to meet up with the walker’s trail and then after returning to the road the runners should have followed the walkers

trail to the left completing the trail in a clockwise direction.


On the Fun Run we took the short cut trials to start the Rambo trail in reverse

Details of fun run trail as follows:

Elevation: Min 72 m, Max 115 m, Gain/Loss 77 m.

Slope: Assent 9.9%, Decent 12.6%

Start to SC Split:  0.6 km in 6:21 min.

SC Split to RW Merge:  0.6 km in 6:36 min.

RW Merge to RW On Home: 2.1 km in 23:49 min

RW On Home To SC:  0.6 km in 5:21 min

SC To SC Split:  0.5 km in 4:53 min

SC Split to Finish:  2.4 km in 32;31 min

Total Distance 6.8 km in 79:31 min


Fun Run 190213.jpg