Run #330: 24-Feb-18

Hares: Ballbanger & Onefer 

Location: Springfield Road 11km West of bypass turn right, then 3km turn right 

Hash Notes by Tinks

Yesterdays CAH3 Hash Rambo/Runners trail set by Onefer & Ballbanger for me was 7.8 km and took 81:45 min.

Elevation: Min 91 m, Max 164 m, Gain/Loss 122 m.

Slope: Assent 14.0%, Decent 17.1%

Start to R/W Split : 2.5 km in 28:20 min.

R/W Split to R/W Merge: 4.4 km in 46:06 min.

R/W Merge to Finish: 0.9 km in 7:19 min. 

Long Walk Trail:  7.8 km same as Run/Rambo

Walk Trail:  4.4 Approximately


CAH3 Run #330 - 180224.jpg

Run #329: 10-Feb-18

Hares: Rubber Duck, Swindlers Pissed and Spook

Location: Lakeside 300m West of bypass at Km 23

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterdays CAH3 Hash Rambo/Runners trail set by Rubber Duck, Swindlers Pissed & Spook for me was 7.2 km

and took 75:34 min.

Elevation: Min 49 m, Max 68 m, Gain/Loss 59 m.

Slope: Assent 15.9%, Decent 14.6%

Start to SW Split including False Trail: 3.7 km in 42:11 min.

SW Split to R/W Split: 0.85 km in 8:33 min.

R/W Split to R/W Merge: 1.6 km in 15:29 min.

R/W Merge to SW Merge:  0.6 km in 5:30 min.

SW Merge to Finish: 0.45 km in 3:51 min. 

Short Walk Trail:  4.6 km approximately.

Long Walk Trail: 6.1 km approximately.


CAH3 Run #329 - 180210.jpg