RUN #379: 28-Dec-19

Hares: Ahmedashed 

Location: About 2km West of Petchkasem Road, from South of Santorini Park

Photos by Puss in Boots



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RUN #378: 14-Dec-19

Hares: Cathusalem, Colossus and No Name Mike 

Location: 1km South of Pala-U Road, 0.5km West of Route 2004

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo Trail set by Cathusalem, Colossus & No Name Mike for me was 7.0 km in 77:13 min (moving time 63:54)

Start to Short Cut: 1.5 km in 16:27 min.

Short Cut to RW Split: 0.25 km in 2:30 min.

RW Split to RW Merge: 1.1 km in 13:02 min.

RW Merge to RW Split: 1.9 km in 19:34 min.

RW Split to Run Split 2: 0.08 km in 1:03min.

Run Split 2 to SC Rambo Split:  1.1 km in 11:13 min.

SC Rambo Split to RW Merge:  0.20 km in 3:42 min.

RW Merge to Rambo Split 3:  0.20 km in 2:21

Rambo Split 3 to Finish:  0.67 km in 7:21 min.

Short Walk Trail: 3.9 km.

Long Walk Trail: 5.0 km.

Trails went clockwise


CAH3 Run #378 - 191214.jpg