Run #343: 25-Aug-18

Hares: Long Ron & Melon Masher 

Location: Hup Kapong Dam

Photos by Mudlady



Run #342: 11-Aug-18 - Tribute to Scotch Tape RIP

Hares: Ballbanger & Brambles Bill  

Location: Off twisty road South of Hua Hin Hospital No 5


Hash Notes by Ballbanger:

I think that Scotch Tape would have enjoyed being with us yesterday. It was his day.

Attached is an attendance list (click here). If anyone was left off, please let me know.

Also attached are three post-run reports penned by Scotch Tape. Back in the glory days of the Observer Magazine,

Colin Devonshire generously permitted us to send our run reports and photos which he published for free each month.

Colin's generosity and Scotch Tape's skill with the pen brought many a virgin and hasher from elsewhere to our kennel.

(click here for H2H3 run reports #110 and #111) and (click here for H2H3 run report #147)

Photos by Mudlady


Scotch Tape Tribute CAH3 #342.png