Run #429: 02-Apr-22

Hares: Ballbanger & Dragon Tail 

Location:  Hup Krapong Dam GPS 12.761086 , 99.902261

Photos by Donga



CAH3 Run #429 (RW v2) - 220402.png
Notes by Tinks
Yesterday’s CAH3 Runners Trail set by Ballbanger and Dragon Tail according to Cock in a Frock‘s Strava GPS tracker was 7.6 km in a moving time of 51:29 min.

Scan by Penny Lame

Scan Run #429 W.jpg

Run #430: 16-Apr-22

Hares: Cock in a Frock & Gender Bender 

Location:  Same Dam Place GPS 12°40'33.3"N 99°54'34.6"E

Photos by Blue Flasher



B3FE483D-39CA-49E5-A402-CA18FA159260 (2).jpg

Run #431: 30-Apr-22

Hares: Hugmanannygoat

Location: Opposite Billabong 12.693944, 99.870375

Photos by Donga including trail scan

Photos by Hugmanannygoat

Trail Scan by Hugmanannygoat


CA 431 30th April 2022.jpg