Run #360: 20-Apr-19

Hares: Hugmanannygoat and ET

Location: Near three Buddhas on the hill, Route 1010 West of bypass

Photos by Hugmanannygoat

Hash Notes by Tinks:

Yesterday’s CAH3 Rambo (Run) trail set by Hugs & ET for me was 8.4 km and took me 89:13 min.

Elevation: Min 53 m, Max 89 m, Gain/Loss 83 m.

Slope: Assent 9.7%, Decent 6.5%

Start to Split:  4.0 km in 41:39 min.

Split to Merge:  3.4 km in 36:14 min.

Merge to Finish:  1.0 km in 11:20 min. 

Walkers Trail:  5.4 km approx. 

Trails went clockwise.


CAH3 Run #360 - 190420 (2).jpg

Run #359: 06-Apr-19

Hares: Donkey Cock and Dimwit

Location: King's Forest, just East of bypass around km 15

This was the Hash where Donkey Cock, unfortunately, broke his ankle while reccying

GPS scan by Tinks for the following Wednesday's Fun Run


Fun Run 190410.jpg